Kissing pigs, mayo making and fellowship….the perfect GNO!

If you know anything at all about me, you know I love to cook. And that I love animals. And vintage things. And ways of life. So when I found out there was an opening in a local homemaking class that included all these things, well, Katie bar the door! You can have the bar scene, the dinners out with the girls, all that laying by the pool. No ma’am. You wanna hang with me, this is gonna be the perfect GNO (Girls Night Out)! Luckily, I have a bestie who just goes with my unusual flow and hops in for the ride. When I can get her out of the house, that is.

I’ve followed the Home Away from Home farm page for a while now. Every time I see the pics and posts about the monthly homemaking class, I ooh and aah over how much fun it must have been. When I see the pics of the pigs they raise, I’m done for. They raise Kune Kune pigs (and if you don’t know what that is, it is adorable pigs). All you need to know. Katrina Brown, the lady in charge of this far, along with her husband and completely ADORABLE kids have a good thing going on. She’s just a modern day girl choosing to live simply, and embracing everything around her, whether it be milking a cow, raising pigs or making homemade yogurt. And y’all. She just glows from it. Even though I had never met her, I knew who she was instantly when I walked into her home. I was like, “That’s her”. I only saw a tad of nervousness from her the entire night. And all it did was make her a little more endearing.


I’m going to attach her blog at the end of this post so all of you can read about her. She’s just fascinating. And kind. And well, we could all stand to be a little more like Katrina. Her kids say “Yes, ma’am” and “No, Ma’am” and sweet little Ax said “It was so nice to meet you, I hope I get to see you again”. If you know my partiality to little boys, you know at this point I was like “See that white Nissan over there?” “You can just go hop in the back seat and go home with me”. Then I thought about what I had to offer him at my house and knew within minutes of being there he would be demanding I return him. Sure, I have dogs. But not farm dogs. I got spoiled dogs. Not dogs that meander among baby pigs and big pigs without the slightest bit of aggravation. Nope, a PS4 and satellite TV can’t compete with what this family has going on. Yes, they have modern conveniences. Come on, she has a facebook page and a blog and a DELUXE Kitchanaid mixer (yes, I slobbered over it a little). But it’s obvious Katrina and her family march to the beat of a much simpler drum. I could see where folks might leave these classes feeling like they are lacking. I mean, she made homemade yogurt. And went into detail about the consistency that she liked vs what the kids liked and how she had found a happy medium. But the only way I can tell you I felt when I left was inspired. And blessed.

Now, I’m not so dumb that I think I’m gonna be making most of these things from now on. Naturally, I don’t have my own cow to milk. Nor do I have that handy dandy cream/milk separator gadget she has on the counter to pour her fresh milk into. (Chanda still hasn’t figured out the concept to that machine. The description of how it worked left her with a puzzled look on her face. Yet, she still dove into this class with enthusiasm. Initially, she said “I’m just going for the pigs”, but she ended up loving everything about it.) So, I’m afraid I’m out on the butter and yogurt made with fresh milk.  But am I going to make my own mayonnaise again? And brown sugar? Sure will. I have each and every ingredient we used in my pantry. And my own Kitchenaid mixer, although it isn’t a deluxe model. But it was my Momma’s. We bought it for her the last Christmas she was with us. Every time I use it, I think of Yaya. Who embraced craftiness and a lifestyle like this like no one else I’ve ever met, until now. My Momma would have loved Katrina. She would have fit right in. My soap making, yo-yo quilt making, crotchet baby blanket making Momma would have loved everything about last night. She would have run her hand over that old cook stove and admired every cast iron skillet with awe. Not sure I have felt as close to Yaya as I did last night since her death 14 years ago. Mirror, mirror, on the wall. I am my mother’s child after all. And I couldn’t be prouder.


Katrina hosts a different homemaking class each month, free of charge. Each month a different topic, ranging from soap making, to herb drying, to candy making and quilting. Her classes, since held in her home, are of course space limited, and preference is given to repeat attenders (I think that’s me, now, y’all). She sets up a donation box near the door, and 100% of the money that goes into it is put back into supplies for future classes. The ladies attending pour in with smiles and homemade dishes and “Hey, how are you’s” and it turns into a good ole time of fellowship. I am totally ashamed to say that I didn’t do my research about the class and didn’t realize that you were supposed to bring a dish. Now if you know me at all, you know I was beyond mortified. If you tell me to bring something, I’m immediately on a 3 day pinterest search for THE perfect recipe, one that guarantees at least a few admiring glances. The food last night was beyond amazing. The homemade salsa/pico de gallo was my favorite, and Chanda’s was the pasta salad that had “just the best green onions I’ve ever had, I mean the BEST”, according to her. This is my one apology over my error. Next time (if they let me back in), it’s gonna be on like a chicken bone. Kimmie’s got homemade game and I’m bringing it with me!


Chanda and I were lucky enough to end up at the table with Martha and Cindy, a mother/daughter combo who blessed me more than they will ever know. Martha kept us all in line, made us laugh and took notes. Serious notes. Note to self: Be more like Martha at the next class. Martha made me not only miss my Momma, but to sit and reflect and remember her and appreciate her for the wonderful cook, Momma and Yaya that she was. Martha was alot like Momma, I could tell. Pretty sure I forgot to tell Martha last night, but thank you for inviting the two oddballs to your table bc as you said, “There are only 2 of us over here, and we can share our mixer”. God don’t make mistakes. And he puts us right where we need to be and are meant to be, even in a room full of ladies making homemade mayo. All the Martha Mommas out there take a second and take a bow. You’re a rare bird in today’s world. You and Katrina.

Here are the things we made hands on last night:




Brown Sugar

We took home a homemade chocolate sauce Katrina made that we didn’t have time to get into, and also the recipes for everything plus a few more.


I went home (well, I mean to Granny O’s bc it was my night to stay) all smiles and needing to tell everyone in my path how much fun I had. Granny O’s caretaker Tammy and my husband got the honors. I went on and on about what we made, about the dog named Annie who looks like Shine (“Look, Tracy, it’s a baby Shiner!!) and the pigs and the kids and their manners, and the creme separator and the pigs and the good food we ate and the pigs. Did I mention there were pigs? Just making sure. The runt took a liking to me and the feeling was mutual. Once I picked it up, it kept following me around, so I picked it up again. Phoenix dashed my excitement when he came around the corner and said “Oh, be careful with that one, it likes to poo and pee on you”. Talk about dulling my shine. One quick kiss and I put the pig down. Let’s get real. Did anyone think I was gonna go out here and not kiss a baby pig? I think not.


It’s safe to say a good time was had by all. I highly suggest reading Katrina’s blog and learning more about her and her little farm. I was a tad dismayed last night bc Chanda hadn’t read any of it, and she just didn’t have ANY IDEA about the story of how God sent Katrina a dairy cow, and really, how could she appreciate the fresh milk if she didn’t understand that GOD HAD SENT KATRINA THAT COW. Y’all, it’s exhausting to be me sometimes. I have all these ideas, and plans, and passions that it’s hard to slow down and enjoy the simple things sometimes. Thank you, Katrina for a night that let me do just that.

Later, y’all.


Blessed Nest Part 1

If you need me, I’m just sitting over here pinching myself. My smile rivals anyone I’ve ever sported. The cabin. Not just any cabin. THE cabin. The Townsend cabin. The one that’s our happy place. Where we honeymooned. Where we go to recharge and relax. We’re making it ours. Y’all. Is this for realz????

But the best part? I get to decorate it to my junkin, thrifting, vintage loving heart. And bears. No worries. There will be bears. You can’t have a Smoky Mountain cabin without bears. Oh wait. It gets even better than that. I get to share it. With folks I love, folks those folks love and folks I don’t even know. The excitement of someone else falling in love with it far outweighs the anxiety of the rental process.

My stepmom bought the cabin for the same reason we are now buying it from her. Because she loved it. Life circumstances have changed for her and she just isn’t able to go like she thought. Her loss is my absolute thing that dreams are made of gain for this ole gal.

I will never forget something she said once when she and I were talking about the cabin. “I’ve realized that life is short, and I want to enjoy it. And allow the folks I love to enjoy it too”. I couldn’t agree more.

I’m just giddy with the thought of people I know visiting and saying “It was perfect”. And with poring over guest book excerpts from people I don’t know. Doesn’t take much to excite me, y’all. Give me the mountains over the beach any day of the week. Ok, gotta stop and pinch myself again.

It took us a week or so to decide on a new name for the cabin. We loved the current name, Edge of Heaven (and it really is!!), but something about naming it yourself makes my heart beat fast.

The texts between myself, my husband and son have been pretty entertaining trying to decide on a name. This is a joint venture between us, so we all got to weigh in. Dylan’s “Bear Necessities” was taken about 5x over. His “Knotty & Nice” suggestion was shot down real quick by ole Mom. Nice try, though.

My husband was as always ready to go with the flow with whatever we chose. Pretty sure there is nothing he can do to reach the hero status he has going on from agreeing to take this journey with me. My son taking part was just icing on the cake. God knew what he was doing when he gave me one child, and a boy at that. I got lucky with Dylan. Oh, so lucky.

Beginning August 1st, the cabin will officially become “Blessed Nest”. I can’t think of a better name. Blessed. By definition made holy. Nest. By definition an abode of shelter. A sanctuary.

My cup runneth over, y’all. And I’m so not worthy. But I’m oh, so glad he saw fit to bless us.

For those of you interested in renting, the link will be available soon. If you want to go in July, well, we can make that happen also. All you gotta do is say the word!

Peace, love, and cabins, y’all……Later.

He ain’t there, y’all. Musing of an Easter goer and over all hot mess……..

I did something Sunday I still can’t believe I did. It’s something I’ve talked about others for. In a scandalous voice, I might add. “Omgahhhh did you see so and so?” Yes, I’m aware that’s judging. Painfully aware. Yet I did it anyway. Oh, the embarrassment. Go ahead and get your shovel out so you can bury any preconceived notion you have of me. Here lies Kimmie’s shame and humiliation. And her judging side. Are y’all ready? Ok, deep breath. Here goes.

I was an Easter goer. I marched myself, my husband and my child up in that church on Easter. I met my best friend Chanda and her family and proudly sat on that pew like I was really doing something. 75% of those faithful church members were like “Who in the heck is that”? I sang loud and proud the songs about him rising, I got my bible out and followed along, and I nodded my head so many times during that sermon folks probably thought I had some kinda twitch going on. I’m over here like “Amen” and “Yes, Lord” and “Thats right” when that preacher was preaching. And Brother Dill was speaking the truth. Ain’t it grand I decided to show up and listen? Grace Jesus with my presence? And the rest of the church? Jesus, take the wheel.

I know what you’re thinking. I think it too! She needs to be going over to that jail and having a bible lesson and posting scripture and verses and acting like she’s sitting at the foot of the cross. And I ain’t dumb enough to think that folks that hear me let loose with a wordy dird every now and then don’t think it then, too. But I go back to that one thing my Granny O told me so many times that I never got until a few years ago. You can have church wherever you are. Some of the most “real” church I’ve ever attended with in the K & J pods of the county jail. Jesus was there, the Holy Spirit was there and if I was a betting woman there was a whole lot more than that up in there.

I mean hairs standing up on your arms, having to sit on your hands to keep from waving and shouting Glory! You know that heavy feeling you get in your chest and that feeling when you can’t help but cry because something reached down in your soul and said sister, here it is! It’s yours for the taking! I’m handing it to you. Just grab hold and don’t let go. Or let go and let God. Somebody say amen if you know what I’m talking about.

That’s what we do, ain’t it? We grab ahold and then we let go. We get all confident in our faith and in our walk and then BOOM! Here comes that devil. He gets all up on my nerves. And you know what? I let him. I open the door and say, well hey there! Come on in! How’s your momma and ’em? Who is the devils momma anyway? I mean like Jesus had Mary Magdalene surely the devil had a momma too right? Wait. I think I met that lady once. At work. She came in one day and….oh wait. There I go judging again.

You know those days and weeks when we’re down and out and there are bills to be paid and not enough money and you’re sick and the dog craps on the rug and brings a turtle in and lays in the middle of your bed gnawing on it (true story) and you’re late and when you do get there you’ve forgotten half of what you needed and have to go back or beg your husband to bring it to you? Or you get that mad face emoji from your boss because you didn’t do something you were supposed to or everyone at work needed you to do everything for them and left no time for you and your work? And that’s just fine, because Lord knows their time is more valuable than mine. The days when things ain’t going right are the ones I’m talking about. THOSE are the days I call on Jesus and say Lord, you better intervene and do it quick because if you don’t I might end up being the person getting to hear the bible lesson at the jail.

I’ve realized lately the times I call out to Him are the bad days. What if, just what if, instead of praising Him in the storm, I called His name when the sun was shining and my fur babies were just sitting there looking adorable and not fighting and using the bathroom rug as a toilet and your husband is looking at you adoringly and work is as joy (ok, maybe that one is a bit of a stretch) and you have the most precious friends and family and coworkers? Because one thing I’ve learned and learned the hard way is this. The devil doesn’t come at you when you’re doing wrong. Nope. Sure don’t.

The devil comes at you full force and with a vengeance when you’re doing right. All those times you’ve been grumbling and fussing with your neighbor or your family? Or your coworkers? Yep, devil ain’t worrying with you. You’re in active addiction or hitting the casinos spending your house payment or laying in the bed depressed all day? You aren’t even a thought in the devils mind then. You know where the devil is? He’s over here hot and heavy on the person that you are looking at thinking “I wanna be them.” “They’ve got their stuff together”. That’s where the devil is. He’s on every single person trying to do right.

He’s on the recovering addict who is clean for the first time in 10 years. He’s on the businessman who is successful and making money hand over fist. He’s on that couple that you look at and think has the perfect marriage. The momma whose kids always match and have manners and she posts pics on Facebook of her meticulous home looking like something out of Southern Living (not calling any names, my precious friend Crystal LOL). He is with that person that just landed their dream job and thinks heck yeah, I’ve finally made it.

Bottom line. THE DEVIL DOESN’T COME AT YOU WHEN YOU’RE DOING WRONG. HE COMES AT YOU WHEN YOU’RE DOING RIGHT. Write that down in the front of your bible next to your kids names. As sure as the sun rises on whatever kind of day we are having, a horrible one or a good one. And the best thing any of us can do is keep our guard up.

Now, I’m not saying don’t feel good about a good life. Heck, I’m still a newlywed and I make myself sick sometimes when my husband walks in the door and I get all googly eyed and get butterflies. Yes, he gives me butterflies. Help my time. That man. I ain’t never done anything in my life to deserve him. But I’m oh, so glad the Lord saw fit to send him to me. And that He gave me the sense to recognize it’s really OK to feel good about your marriage, and your life and your blessings. But we must always, always guard our heart, our lives and our blessings. Place a hedge around them and dare the Devil to try to get thru it. Stick you some thorny bushes in it so he gets pricked like Jesus did up on that cross.

Which brings me to my final thoughts, since I’ve been all around the world with this post. I love Easter. I think it’s my favorite holiday. Now, I won’t lie and say Thanksgiving isn’t a close second. I would eat a sweet potato raw that’s how much I like them. And I’m that crazy pumpkin spice lady you see all the memes about. But Easter. And Good Friday. Holy Week. That gets my heart thumping. Jesus died for ME. I had a hand in stopping Jesus’s heart. Let that sink in.

I literally can’t watch The Passion of the Christ. I should be ashamed to even tell that. But I can’t. I’m over here watching videos shielding my eyes from the bad parts and Mary Magdalene is literally standing and sitting there watching her son be beaten and crucified? I stress when Dylan gets a sunburn. And he’s 25!!! Mary, Mary, Mary. She’s right up there with Job for me.

But those 3 days later. Here them women came with their spices ready to anoint that body and THE TOMB WAS EMPTY! You can’t make up stories this good. Living he loved me, dying he saved me, buried he carried my sins far away. Thank you, Jesus. He did it for even an Easter goer like me. And for you. And then someone threw in a magic rabbit and died eggs and all kinds of fun just for good measure. And ham. And potato salad. And if you’re really, really lucky, deviled eggs.

He ain’t there, yall. He arose, He arose, Hallelujah, Christ arose…..



I love rain. Like love, love, love rain. A few years ago I was on Pinterest trying to find a rain meme to share and I discovered there is a word for someone who loves rain. Come to find out, I’m a Pluviophile. Sounds fancy, don’t it? I always knew I was fancy. My son and his friends even call me “Fancy” after that Reba song. How does it go?

“Here’s you one chance Fancy, don’t let me down”…………Thank GOD that God doesn’t give us only one chance. I don’t know about y’all, a few of us would be in trouble.

It’s been raining so much here lately. And yes, I love it, but without all this flooding. We’re about to float away over here in North Alabama. Roads washing away, peoples boat docks just breaking loose and floating on out into the wild blue yonder. But you know what, “stuff” can be replaced. Roads can be repaired. But what about these folks who have flooded their life? Their relationship with their family? Your future? Some of you don’t even have hope. You’ve let them float on out too.

But Jesus has covered you the entire time. An umbrella and a raincoat and cute rain boots might have been a bonus, but they weren’t a necessity. He covered us! Granted, our hairdo might have been ruined and our britches got wet, but I got a feeling ain’t none of that gonna matter in Heaven. I am hoping in Heaven my hair stays “did” just like I like it all the time. Man, that’s worth going for right there!! She’s a lot younger than I am, and I sure don’t wish for her to go to Heaven anytime soon, but when we DO go, I sure hope my hairdresser Rosie can bunk with me. Cause I can’t ever fix it like she does. Get home looking all good and then you fix it yourself and it looks like hammered doo. Real talk. Her and her magic hair brush she uses. Makes me mad. Perfect hair in Heaven. Put that on your list of reasons why you wanna go to Heaven.

James 1:6 says: “But he must ask in faith without ANY doubting, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind.” That’s good stuff, y’all. Especially if you’ve ever been knocked down in the ocean by a big wave. I must have been doubting on my last beach vacation, because I’m telling y’all I almost went to meet Jesus. We’re all out there having a big ole time, and in comes some waves that knocked us down. My husband is standing there (bc he was the only one left standing which means he was trusting in the Lord, not doubting), and he’s trying to save me and his partner at the same time. If you know any guys in law enforcement, you know that #bluelinefamily mess is serious biz. I remember thinking, you better help me, Lord, because he’s gonna save his partner first. I lost my hat. His partner lost his hat AND his sunglasses. And those waves just KEPT rolling in. Relentless. Kinda life life does us sometimes.

How many out there think they’re at the back of the line? Getting the scraps from everyone else? Remember how fun it was to be the “line leader” in elementary school? How important we felt? I think my mean little red headed self probably stuck my tongue out at some of them when I was the line leader. I was something else, let me tell you. Listen, if you think for one second that Jesus won’t bring you full circle and back to the front of that line, you’re bad wrong. We ALL got a line leader in us. The only way you’re stuck where you are is if you wanna be stuck. DANCE IN THE STORM YOU’VE CREATED! It ain’t gonna happen overnight. Might even take more than days and weeks. But He has had a plan for you since the moment you were born! TRUST that plan. Even when it’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done and you feel like not only are you underwater, but you done drowned.

“Oh, well my Momma did drugs”. “I can’t pay my fines”. “My husband left me” (Lord help I got a whole book on that one I could write. Shew, Jesus get ahold of my tongue right now. “My family is poor and I don’t know no different”. “I wasn’t raised in church”. We could go on and on all day about all them odds stacked against you. But you know what? Every single good and bad experience in your life brought you to where you are today. You still breathing? Good. That means you ain’t too far gone.

Repeat after me: TELL THE DEVIL THAT HE SHOULD HAVE TAKEN YOU OUT WHEN HE HAD THE CHANCE!!! Right now. Go outside and scream it into the air. Speak it into existence. Get better not better. Get powerful and not pitiful. Can y’all tell I been listening to some Kim Pothier #realtalkkim this week? That girl can PREACH!!!!

Psalms 83:15 “So pursue them with your tempest and TERRIFY them with your storm.”

Dance in that storm you’ve created. Chase after the good things, and be relentless when you grab a hold of something good. Sobriety. Prayer life. A healed relationship with your family. Your marriage. A Godly relationship.

Remember that song “I am woman hear me roar”? Roar, ladies. I have folks that tell me all the time, “Well, you just speak your mind”, and “What you see is what you get with Ms Kim”. 98% of the time that’s truth. But I had a preacher one time say “Being outspoken is not always a virtue”. Sitting in a little ole Church of Christ in Pikeville. Felt like I had a big ole spotlight on my head. Could have crawled under the pew. And I’ve carried that statement with me many times. Contrary to popular belief, I do turn on the filter every now and then. Folks either love me or hate me. And I’m good with that. Because I would fight a grizzly over the folks I love. And if just ONE person gets something out of something I say, that’s what it’s all about. #eachonereachone

The bible says every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess. Gonna answer for every word or deed. Now, folks, this scares me. My best friend tells me all the time that I’m mean for sport. Now, 9 times out of 10 when I play a mean joke, it’s just that. A joke. But I ain’t gonna lie and say some of them times I ain’t playing. I get mad. That mouth overloads my hind end sometimes. I’m gonna answer for that. Can I go ahead and ask that no one I know go to Heaven the same day or time I do? First off, it’s gonna take a while. Secondly, you know it always sounds 10x worse when someone else is telling something about you or what you did. I can just hear me now. “But, God, see, I was just mad then. I didn’t mean it”. I’m gonna hush now because just the thought is causing me anxiety.

Has anyone prayed today? Sit and think about that prayer for a second. Was it a prayer of hope or was it fear based. Too many times are prayers are fear based. Can you imagine what He could do for us if we reached down inside of ourselves and started preaching prayers of belief and certainty. Give Jesus and your prayers the attention that you’ve given those bad things in your life. I truly believe we can speak bad circumstances into existence. Think it but don’t speak it. Please. At least when you’re talking to God. Talk to Him with faith and grace and BELIEF.

Know what else the bible tells us? There is power in numbers. Where 2 or more gather in His name, there is love. Not hate, sorrow, jealousy or bitterness. Love. Grab a friend you know who is struggling and pray with them. Speak life into one another. I tell the ladies in the jail all the time these 2 things. Now, granted, these are just Ms Kim’s opinion:

  1. If you can’t stay clean in this jail, there ain’t no hope once you get outside these doors.
  2. If you can’t lift each other up in here and wish blessings on one another, you ain’t gonna have a Godly mindset when you leave here either.

Acts 27:15 “and when the ship was caught in it and could not face the wind, we gave way to it and let ourselves be driven along”.

I just had an “aha” moment and realized this verse is where that song “Jesus take the Wheel” came from. Well, what about that?…………..”Take it from my hands, save me from this road I’m on”. And He will. Now don’t get all technical on me and ask me “But HOW, Ms Kim”???? Cause I ain’t even gonna lie and say I know how. I just know that He can and does. I know because there are words in the bible that are written in RED. That means they came out of Jesus’ mouth. Good enough for me. Red, red, red. If it’s red, bank on it.

Ok, I kinda strayed away from the storm part. Matthew 5:45 says that He rains on the just and the unjust. It don’t say church deacons and nice people get the sunshine and that mean people and criminals get the rain. I daresay every one of us has taken part in unjust behavior in our life. Yet He still shines. And that be of good cheer business? He didn’t mean just when things are going your way. He means even in the storm. Rain blowing all over your face. And hair. Shoes soaking wet. Be of good cheer. GET UP AND START PRAISING YOURSELF OUT OF THIS PIT THAT YOU’RE IN!! Give the ones around you a little praise while you’re at it.

Proverbs 10:25

“When the whirlwind passes, the wicked is no more, but the Righteous has an everlasting foundation”.

Everlasting. That’s what I’m talking about.

Later, y’all.

Hard Times Come No More

If we threw all of our own problems into a pile, we’d get our own back out. I can’t tell you how many times in my life I’ve heard this, said this, pondered about this. But just as sure as the fact that I’m overdue for a trip to see my favorite hairdresser cause right now I’m sporting 3 inch grey roots, this is straight up gospel.

This past week has been one of the most stressful ever. It’s been a whirlwhind of hospital, surgery, and now on to short term rehab for my Granny O. It’s been being off for a week to come back to a mell of a hess waiting for me on my desk. In my mailboxes on my door. Deliveries stacked in the corner. 514 emails and 17 voicemails. It’s been ending my day hearing the words “I sure hate to see you go home, Kim”, in a small 93 year old weak voice as I leave the “nursing home” as she sees it. It’s been 3 dogs busting at the seams (and the bladder) when I finally make it home to let them out. It’s been a strain on my personal relationship (because you know you take it out on the one you love the most). It’s been my older sister telling me she wanted to “fight me” on the ride home from the nursing home over our Burger King order (please know, she was joking, but we truly were aggravated at one another).

But. Now y’all knew there was a but coming. Don’t even act like you didn’t. It has also been a day where I saw my Granny O get up and WALK in her rehab session like a boss. Telling the staff there she was gonna do so good she was gonna go after their jobs. It has been heartfelt laughter with my sister with whom I’ve had a seriously strained relationship with for many years. It’s been nights of wonderful ministry sessions at the jail with the Hope 2 U group where the female inmates lifted ME up instead of the other way around. It’s been going thru their small paper prayer requests at the end of the night to see “Please pray for Granny O and her surgery and healing” written by an inmate I’ve never met before in my life, but who used her one slip of paper we give them to pray for MY Granny. It’s been seeing a new friend plead into Drug Court today beginning a new sober journey that I can’t watch unfold. It’s been a BUT GOD week.

But God. One of my favorite verses is Psalm 112:7. “She does not fear bad news. She CONFIDENTLY trusts the Lord to take care of her”. Not meekly. Mildly. With doubt. With hesitation. With CONFIDENCE.

Lord knows I can talk the talk when giving someone else advice. Girl, you read that verse over and over and you claim it like you’ve never claimed anything!!! You hear me, girl?? Now it was a whole different story when I needed to apply it to my own situation. After a few red headed fits when I was alone (and a few in the presence of others), I had this realization I had better check myself before I wrecked myself. Granny O was depending on me. As was my job. My fur babies. My honey. My girls in that jail.

You know what causes doubt? Fear. Fear of the unknown. The hard things in our life. The obstacles. The stress. That stuff I can’t control and Lawd knows I am a control freak to the highest power. But you know what else God tells me besides I best get confident? He tells me FEAR IS A LIAR AND SO IS THE DEVIL.  “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” ~ 2 Timothy 1:7

When I think of how unsure (not confident) and scared (fearful) I was this time a week ago, it makes me chuckle. Yes, I’m still stressed. My dogs are still at home waiting to be let out. Those ladies are still in jail. My sister still wants to smack me (lol). And Granny O is still not home yet. But she will be. I know it as sure as I’m sitting here.

Cast out fear, claim confidence and straighten those crowns. Later, y’all!

Broad Shoulders, White Haired Ladies and T shirt Wisdom

Well, y’all have heard that the Lord doesn’t give us anymore than we can handle. Now, I know my bootie is wide, but he has more confidence in my shoulders than I do. Pile it on, Lord. Show me what I’m made of. Yes, I’m having myself a pity party of 1 right now. I’ll be over it by the time I finish writing today. And no, I don’t need a little cheese with my whine, either. I just need blessed assurance we all will come thru this storm stronger than we were.

So, my precious Granny O, who I introduced you all to last week, took a fall yesterday and she’s currently in the hospital awaiting surgery for a broken hip. 93 years old, and except for an extreme case of macular degeneration that robbed her of 80% of her vision, and a broke down gall bladder that came out, her health has been A~oK. I’m struggling with some stuff right now myself. Like the fact that I let her stubbornness make me think she was still able to do as much for herself as she was. And in my busy schedule, I let a phone call a day and my Sunday visit to get groceries and bring lunch be enough. Ok, here I go making it about me again. Told you it was a pity party.

I don’t know a lot about broken hips, and can I say that when you google it or web MD the prognosis and treatment, it don’t help to aleve any fears. “Beginning of the end”….”mortality rate within a year of a broken hip”….for once something scared me worse than Fox News. And that’s saying something. It makes me pull the covers over my head should I happen across that channel.

BUT. But she is a tough old bird. But she is tenacious and outspoken and full of those old time southern values we just wish we had. But she has lived a life of sorrow, with I’m afraid more bad times than good. But she worked hard, gritted her teeth, and did what she had to for herself and my Momma, and then myself and my sister, and then on to my son and niece. But even when we were disappointments (and we were), she told us what she thought but still loved us. But GOD. Because if Granny O has been anything, it is a God fearing, church going, praying lady. If the doors were open at the Pikeville Church of Christ, she was there. 3rd row, left side. BUT GOD.

I haven’t gotten around to writing about my son yet, but it needs to be said that he is passionate about 2 things. Baseball and his Granny O. He would fight a grizzly over her. And win. She kept him from the time I went back to work, delights in telling everyone I went back to work when he was 4 WEEKS OLD, JUST 4 WEEKS OLD, everyone!!! She leaves the part out about how I was having to fight my Momma and her to even hold him and her and my Aunt Ruby were chomping at the bit to get him all to themselves.

When I say Dylan Scott Rice was blessed when it came to his “2 little white haired ladies”as he called them, I’m not even scratching the surface. Wanted to play Old Maid under the kitchen table? They did it. Dylan was born with that competitive edge. He had no qualms at cheating during a game of Hi Ho Cherry O or Candy Land to take Granny O and Ruby down. And they let him. Every afternoon, a ride in his little red wagon. When he got that B.B. gun from Santa, bird hunting in the backyard, with strict instructions if he shot a red bird the hunts would end. When the birds he shot met their demise, burials in the backyard where Aunt Ruby sang Amazing Grace. Their boy. And a love ❤️ like nothing I’ve ever seen. Blessed, I say.

I don’t know about y’all, but I take my blessings where I can get them. I collect 2 things. Pineapples and t shirts. My pineapple collecting goes back way before thus current fad with them. I read the story about them meaning hospitality as a young bride, and I’ve loved them ever since. Now, my t shirt collection is impressive. Quit telling me to give them to the Goodwill. No. They make me happy. I would give someone the shirt off my back in time of need, so don’t fault me for hoarding some special ones.

Know what else I like besides t shirts? Bible verses. So,one day scrolling thru Facebook, I saw this link for a site where I could sign up to receive a bible verse t shirt of the month for a year. Hello? Sign me up. $22 a month and guaranteed giddy anticipation each month when you rip that package open. And the verses? RIGHT ON TIME EVERY SINGLE TIME EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Like Jesus himself said, “Send ole Kimmie this one”. I firmly believe he loves to freak me out with these God moments.

So, yesterday, when this pity party started, my verse of the month shirt came. I was like, ok. You better get ready, chick. Open it. It’s my all time favorite parable of all time, my go to story and saying when doing ministry. But it wasn’t relevant to what I was going thru with Granny O! I needed a good dose of “trust in the Lord”, or “he doesn’t give us a spirit of fear”. But no. But GOD. It was “He left the 99 to rescue me”. What’s wrong with you, God? This ain’t no jail ministry, hurting addict situation. Me and a Granny O need strength! I always knew it would happen. God done got something wrong.

But God. As I’m sitting here in this hospital room, mind going 987 places about how I’m going to juggle everything been thrown at me, there is this light bulb 💡 moment. Instead of someone being MY ONE, maybe I need to be someone else’s. Maybe I’m going to. I’ve already seen it in the messages and texts and what can we do’s from my friends and family. Breathe, Kim. Your anxiousness and stress turned you into that one little sheep you always talk about. You wandered out of the herd into a place you didn’t need to go. Away from trust, and faith. Girl, you better back up. Gods got this. In His way, in His time. Get back, Devil. Hard times come no more. Love and I will cover your prayers for Granny O right now. Later, y’all.

If anyone would like your own verse of the month shirt, here is the link to sign up. You won’t regret it. And they make great gifts also!

I done went and got smarter today, y’all!

So today, I took this class about how to develop your EI? Who even knew what that was, right? Emotional Intelligence? You mean you’re NOT supposed to cry when an old person wins money on The Price is Right???? Whoa, Nellie. Hold up, wait a minute. Pretty sure I had that deer in the headlights look for the first 15 minutes of the seminar.

I did, however, learn 2 very important things about myself.

1. I’m a Driver. This means I am decisive and have strong viewpoints. I’m strong willed and ambitious.

2. I am a Lion. This is my idea, this is how we’re gonna do it, hear me ROAR.

These are both results of personality tests we took. Pretty sure I already knew these things about myself. Everyone else in my presence does too if they’re around me long enough.

BUT….yes, I said but. Today’s attendants of this seminar were REALLY diverse when it comes to jobs, personalities and viewpoints. And my “well, my way is the right way because it was my idea and it sounds good” personality was a glaring difference in this room today. Sure, there was maybe one more nipping at my heels. Riding that thin line between open and honest or direct and blunt. But the rest of them were Relators, Expressers and Analyzers. Me no likey when the mirror of self-reflection doesn’t show my “good side”.

Y’all ever had one of those spotlight sermons where you know somebody done called that preacher and told him what to preach about because you been acting like a free born fool lately? And your face gets red and you know everybody in the room knows he’s talking about you. Top of your head feels all hot because that spotlight is glaring down on it? Don’t lie. You’ve been there.

In this big, booming, preacher voice…”Being outspoken is not always a virtue”. Cue the head drop. Looking at the ceiling. The clock. What was the name of that old song I liked? Gimme that hymnal to flip thru. If I look up he’s gonna be looking straight at me. Maybe I should get up and go to the bathroom. No, that’s will confirm that it’s me. Stay cool, Kim. It needs to be said too that this preacher at the time was the varsity baseball coach. My son had just started his school baseball career, having played travel ball for years. In other words, this man had seen me in action at a ball game. Be near, Lord.

  • Today’s class reminded me of that sermon. Which I have carried around in my mind ever since. It may not have cured my bluntness, but it curbed it. Some folks find this hard to believe but if y’all just KNEW what I hold back! Cause even though orange is my favorite color (War Eagle!), it don’t look good on me!
  • Bottom line. It takes all kinds to make the world go round.
  • Be you, do you, but be mindful of others. A little kindness goes a long way.