I love rain. Like love, love, love rain. A few years ago I was on Pinterest trying to find a rain meme to share and I discovered there is a word for someone who loves rain. Come to find out, I’m a Pluviophile. Sounds fancy, don’t it? I always knew I was fancy. My son and his friends even call me “Fancy” after that Reba song. How does it go?

“Here’s you one chance Fancy, don’t let me down”…………Thank GOD that God doesn’t give us only one chance. I don’t know about y’all, a few of us would be in trouble.

It’s been raining so much here lately. And yes, I love it, but without all this flooding. We’re about to float away over here in North Alabama. Roads washing away, peoples boat docks just breaking loose and floating on out into the wild blue yonder. But you know what, “stuff” can be replaced. Roads can be repaired. But what about these folks who have flooded their life? Their relationship with their family? Your future? Some of you don’t even have hope. You’ve let them float on out too.

But Jesus has covered you the entire time. An umbrella and a raincoat and cute rain boots might have been a bonus, but they weren’t a necessity. He covered us! Granted, our hairdo might have been ruined and our britches got wet, but I got a feeling ain’t none of that gonna matter in Heaven. I am hoping in Heaven my hair stays “did” just like I like it all the time. Man, that’s worth going for right there!! She’s a lot younger than I am, and I sure don’t wish for her to go to Heaven anytime soon, but when we DO go, I sure hope my hairdresser Rosie can bunk with me. Cause I can’t ever fix it like she does. Get home looking all good and then you fix it yourself and it looks like hammered doo. Real talk. Her and her magic hair brush she uses. Makes me mad. Perfect hair in Heaven. Put that on your list of reasons why you wanna go to Heaven.

James 1:6 says: “But he must ask in faith without ANY doubting, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind.” That’s good stuff, y’all. Especially if you’ve ever been knocked down in the ocean by a big wave. I must have been doubting on my last beach vacation, because I’m telling y’all I almost went to meet Jesus. We’re all out there having a big ole time, and in comes some waves that knocked us down. My husband is standing there (bc he was the only one left standing which means he was trusting in the Lord, not doubting), and he’s trying to save me and his partner at the same time. If you know any guys in law enforcement, you know that #bluelinefamily mess is serious biz. I remember thinking, you better help me, Lord, because he’s gonna save his partner first. I lost my hat. His partner lost his hat AND his sunglasses. And those waves just KEPT rolling in. Relentless. Kinda life life does us sometimes.

How many out there think they’re at the back of the line? Getting the scraps from everyone else? Remember how fun it was to be the “line leader” in elementary school? How important we felt? I think my mean little red headed self probably stuck my tongue out at some of them when I was the line leader. I was something else, let me tell you. Listen, if you think for one second that Jesus won’t bring you full circle and back to the front of that line, you’re bad wrong. We ALL got a line leader in us. The only way you’re stuck where you are is if you wanna be stuck. DANCE IN THE STORM YOU’VE CREATED! It ain’t gonna happen overnight. Might even take more than days and weeks. But He has had a plan for you since the moment you were born! TRUST that plan. Even when it’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done and you feel like not only are you underwater, but you done drowned.

“Oh, well my Momma did drugs”. “I can’t pay my fines”. “My husband left me” (Lord help I got a whole book on that one I could write. Shew, Jesus get ahold of my tongue right now. “My family is poor and I don’t know no different”. “I wasn’t raised in church”. We could go on and on all day about all them odds stacked against you. But you know what? Every single good and bad experience in your life brought you to where you are today. You still breathing? Good. That means you ain’t too far gone.

Repeat after me: TELL THE DEVIL THAT HE SHOULD HAVE TAKEN YOU OUT WHEN HE HAD THE CHANCE!!! Right now. Go outside and scream it into the air. Speak it into existence. Get better not better. Get powerful and not pitiful. Can y’all tell I been listening to some Kim Pothier #realtalkkim this week? That girl can PREACH!!!!

Psalms 83:15 “So pursue them with your tempest and TERRIFY them with your storm.”

Dance in that storm you’ve created. Chase after the good things, and be relentless when you grab a hold of something good. Sobriety. Prayer life. A healed relationship with your family. Your marriage. A Godly relationship.

Remember that song “I am woman hear me roar”? Roar, ladies. I have folks that tell me all the time, “Well, you just speak your mind”, and “What you see is what you get with Ms Kim”. 98% of the time that’s truth. But I had a preacher one time say “Being outspoken is not always a virtue”. Sitting in a little ole Church of Christ in Pikeville. Felt like I had a big ole spotlight on my head. Could have crawled under the pew. And I’ve carried that statement with me many times. Contrary to popular belief, I do turn on the filter every now and then. Folks either love me or hate me. And I’m good with that. Because I would fight a grizzly over the folks I love. And if just ONE person gets something out of something I say, that’s what it’s all about. #eachonereachone

The bible says every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess. Gonna answer for every word or deed. Now, folks, this scares me. My best friend tells me all the time that I’m mean for sport. Now, 9 times out of 10 when I play a mean joke, it’s just that. A joke. But I ain’t gonna lie and say some of them times I ain’t playing. I get mad. That mouth overloads my hind end sometimes. I’m gonna answer for that. Can I go ahead and ask that no one I know go to Heaven the same day or time I do? First off, it’s gonna take a while. Secondly, you know it always sounds 10x worse when someone else is telling something about you or what you did. I can just hear me now. “But, God, see, I was just mad then. I didn’t mean it”. I’m gonna hush now because just the thought is causing me anxiety.

Has anyone prayed today? Sit and think about that prayer for a second. Was it a prayer of hope or was it fear based. Too many times are prayers are fear based. Can you imagine what He could do for us if we reached down inside of ourselves and started preaching prayers of belief and certainty. Give Jesus and your prayers the attention that you’ve given those bad things in your life. I truly believe we can speak bad circumstances into existence. Think it but don’t speak it. Please. At least when you’re talking to God. Talk to Him with faith and grace and BELIEF.

Know what else the bible tells us? There is power in numbers. Where 2 or more gather in His name, there is love. Not hate, sorrow, jealousy or bitterness. Love. Grab a friend you know who is struggling and pray with them. Speak life into one another. I tell the ladies in the jail all the time these 2 things. Now, granted, these are just Ms Kim’s opinion:

  1. If you can’t stay clean in this jail, there ain’t no hope once you get outside these doors.
  2. If you can’t lift each other up in here and wish blessings on one another, you ain’t gonna have a Godly mindset when you leave here either.

Acts 27:15 “and when the ship was caught in it and could not face the wind, we gave way to it and let ourselves be driven along”.

I just had an “aha” moment and realized this verse is where that song “Jesus take the Wheel” came from. Well, what about that?…………..”Take it from my hands, save me from this road I’m on”. And He will. Now don’t get all technical on me and ask me “But HOW, Ms Kim”???? Cause I ain’t even gonna lie and say I know how. I just know that He can and does. I know because there are words in the bible that are written in RED. That means they came out of Jesus’ mouth. Good enough for me. Red, red, red. If it’s red, bank on it.

Ok, I kinda strayed away from the storm part. Matthew 5:45 says that He rains on the just and the unjust. It don’t say church deacons and nice people get the sunshine and that mean people and criminals get the rain. I daresay every one of us has taken part in unjust behavior in our life. Yet He still shines. And that be of good cheer business? He didn’t mean just when things are going your way. He means even in the storm. Rain blowing all over your face. And hair. Shoes soaking wet. Be of good cheer. GET UP AND START PRAISING YOURSELF OUT OF THIS PIT THAT YOU’RE IN!! Give the ones around you a little praise while you’re at it.

Proverbs 10:25

“When the whirlwind passes, the wicked is no more, but the Righteous has an everlasting foundation”.

Everlasting. That’s what I’m talking about.

Later, y’all.

Hard Times Come No More

If we threw all of our own problems into a pile, we’d get our own back out. I can’t tell you how many times in my life I’ve heard this, said this, pondered about this. But just as sure as the fact that I’m overdue for a trip to see my favorite hairdresser cause right now I’m sporting 3 inch grey roots, this is straight up gospel.

This past week has been one of the most stressful ever. It’s been a whirlwhind of hospital, surgery, and now on to short term rehab for my Granny O. It’s been being off for a week to come back to a mell of a hess waiting for me on my desk. In my mailboxes on my door. Deliveries stacked in the corner. 514 emails and 17 voicemails. It’s been ending my day hearing the words “I sure hate to see you go home, Kim”, in a small 93 year old weak voice as I leave the “nursing home” as she sees it. It’s been 3 dogs busting at the seams (and the bladder) when I finally make it home to let them out. It’s been a strain on my personal relationship (because you know you take it out on the one you love the most). It’s been my older sister telling me she wanted to “fight me” on the ride home from the nursing home over our Burger King order (please know, she was joking, but we truly were aggravated at one another).

But. Now y’all knew there was a but coming. Don’t even act like you didn’t. It has also been a day where I saw my Granny O get up and WALK in her rehab session like a boss. Telling the staff there she was gonna do so good she was gonna go after their jobs. It has been heartfelt laughter with my sister with whom I’ve had a seriously strained relationship with for many years. It’s been nights of wonderful ministry sessions at the jail with the Hope 2 U group where the female inmates lifted ME up instead of the other way around. It’s been going thru their small paper prayer requests at the end of the night to see “Please pray for Granny O and her surgery and healing” written by an inmate I’ve never met before in my life, but who used her one slip of paper we give them to pray for MY Granny. It’s been seeing a new friend plead into Drug Court today beginning a new sober journey that I can’t watch unfold. It’s been a BUT GOD week.

But God. One of my favorite verses is Psalm 112:7. “She does not fear bad news. She CONFIDENTLY trusts the Lord to take care of her”. Not meekly. Mildly. With doubt. With hesitation. With CONFIDENCE.

Lord knows I can talk the talk when giving someone else advice. Girl, you read that verse over and over and you claim it like you’ve never claimed anything!!! You hear me, girl?? Now it was a whole different story when I needed to apply it to my own situation. After a few red headed fits when I was alone (and a few in the presence of others), I had this realization I had better check myself before I wrecked myself. Granny O was depending on me. As was my job. My fur babies. My honey. My girls in that jail.

You know what causes doubt? Fear. Fear of the unknown. The hard things in our life. The obstacles. The stress. That stuff I can’t control and Lawd knows I am a control freak to the highest power. But you know what else God tells me besides I best get confident? He tells me FEAR IS A LIAR AND SO IS THE DEVIL.  “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” ~ 2 Timothy 1:7

When I think of how unsure (not confident) and scared (fearful) I was this time a week ago, it makes me chuckle. Yes, I’m still stressed. My dogs are still at home waiting to be let out. Those ladies are still in jail. My sister still wants to smack me (lol). And Granny O is still not home yet. But she will be. I know it as sure as I’m sitting here.

Cast out fear, claim confidence and straighten those crowns. Later, y’all!

Broad Shoulders, White Haired Ladies and T shirt Wisdom

Well, y’all have heard that the Lord doesn’t give us anymore than we can handle. Now, I know my bootie is wide, but he has more confidence in my shoulders than I do. Pile it on, Lord. Show me what I’m made of. Yes, I’m having myself a pity party of 1 right now. I’ll be over it by the time I finish writing today. And no, I don’t need a little cheese with my whine, either. I just need blessed assurance we all will come thru this storm stronger than we were.

So, my precious Granny O, who I introduced you all to last week, took a fall yesterday and she’s currently in the hospital awaiting surgery for a broken hip. 93 years old, and except for an extreme case of macular degeneration that robbed her of 80% of her vision, and a broke down gall bladder that came out, her health has been A~oK. I’m struggling with some stuff right now myself. Like the fact that I let her stubbornness make me think she was still able to do as much for herself as she was. And in my busy schedule, I let a phone call a day and my Sunday visit to get groceries and bring lunch be enough. Ok, here I go making it about me again. Told you it was a pity party.

I don’t know a lot about broken hips, and can I say that when you google it or web MD the prognosis and treatment, it don’t help to aleve any fears. “Beginning of the end”….”mortality rate within a year of a broken hip”….for once something scared me worse than Fox News. And that’s saying something. It makes me pull the covers over my head should I happen across that channel.

BUT. But she is a tough old bird. But she is tenacious and outspoken and full of those old time southern values we just wish we had. But she has lived a life of sorrow, with I’m afraid more bad times than good. But she worked hard, gritted her teeth, and did what she had to for herself and my Momma, and then myself and my sister, and then on to my son and niece. But even when we were disappointments (and we were), she told us what she thought but still loved us. But GOD. Because if Granny O has been anything, it is a God fearing, church going, praying lady. If the doors were open at the Pikeville Church of Christ, she was there. 3rd row, left side. BUT GOD.

I haven’t gotten around to writing about my son yet, but it needs to be said that he is passionate about 2 things. Baseball and his Granny O. He would fight a grizzly over her. And win. She kept him from the time I went back to work, delights in telling everyone I went back to work when he was 4 WEEKS OLD, JUST 4 WEEKS OLD, everyone!!! She leaves the part out about how I was having to fight my Momma and her to even hold him and her and my Aunt Ruby were chomping at the bit to get him all to themselves.

When I say Dylan Scott Rice was blessed when it came to his “2 little white haired ladies”as he called them, I’m not even scratching the surface. Wanted to play Old Maid under the kitchen table? They did it. Dylan was born with that competitive edge. He had no qualms at cheating during a game of Hi Ho Cherry O or Candy Land to take Granny O and Ruby down. And they let him. Every afternoon, a ride in his little red wagon. When he got that B.B. gun from Santa, bird hunting in the backyard, with strict instructions if he shot a red bird the hunts would end. When the birds he shot met their demise, burials in the backyard where Aunt Ruby sang Amazing Grace. Their boy. And a love ❤️ like nothing I’ve ever seen. Blessed, I say.

I don’t know about y’all, but I take my blessings where I can get them. I collect 2 things. Pineapples and t shirts. My pineapple collecting goes back way before thus current fad with them. I read the story about them meaning hospitality as a young bride, and I’ve loved them ever since. Now, my t shirt collection is impressive. Quit telling me to give them to the Goodwill. No. They make me happy. I would give someone the shirt off my back in time of need, so don’t fault me for hoarding some special ones.

Know what else I like besides t shirts? Bible verses. So,one day scrolling thru Facebook, I saw this link for a site where I could sign up to receive a bible verse t shirt of the month for a year. Hello? Sign me up. $22 a month and guaranteed giddy anticipation each month when you rip that package open. And the verses? RIGHT ON TIME EVERY SINGLE TIME EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Like Jesus himself said, “Send ole Kimmie this one”. I firmly believe he loves to freak me out with these God moments.

So, yesterday, when this pity party started, my verse of the month shirt came. I was like, ok. You better get ready, chick. Open it. It’s my all time favorite parable of all time, my go to story and saying when doing ministry. But it wasn’t relevant to what I was going thru with Granny O! I needed a good dose of “trust in the Lord”, or “he doesn’t give us a spirit of fear”. But no. But GOD. It was “He left the 99 to rescue me”. What’s wrong with you, God? This ain’t no jail ministry, hurting addict situation. Me and a Granny O need strength! I always knew it would happen. God done got something wrong.

But God. As I’m sitting here in this hospital room, mind going 987 places about how I’m going to juggle everything been thrown at me, there is this light bulb 💡 moment. Instead of someone being MY ONE, maybe I need to be someone else’s. Maybe I’m going to. I’ve already seen it in the messages and texts and what can we do’s from my friends and family. Breathe, Kim. Your anxiousness and stress turned you into that one little sheep you always talk about. You wandered out of the herd into a place you didn’t need to go. Away from trust, and faith. Girl, you better back up. Gods got this. In His way, in His time. Get back, Devil. Hard times come no more. Love and I will cover your prayers for Granny O right now. Later, y’all.

If anyone would like your own verse of the month shirt, here is the link to sign up. You won’t regret it. And they make great gifts also!

I done went and got smarter today, y’all!

So today, I took this class about how to develop your EI? Who even knew what that was, right? Emotional Intelligence? You mean you’re NOT supposed to cry when an old person wins money on The Price is Right???? Whoa, Nellie. Hold up, wait a minute. Pretty sure I had that deer in the headlights look for the first 15 minutes of the seminar.

I did, however, learn 2 very important things about myself.

1. I’m a Driver. This means I am decisive and have strong viewpoints. I’m strong willed and ambitious.

2. I am a Lion. This is my idea, this is how we’re gonna do it, hear me ROAR.

These are both results of personality tests we took. Pretty sure I already knew these things about myself. Everyone else in my presence does too if they’re around me long enough.

BUT….yes, I said but. Today’s attendants of this seminar were REALLY diverse when it comes to jobs, personalities and viewpoints. And my “well, my way is the right way because it was my idea and it sounds good” personality was a glaring difference in this room today. Sure, there was maybe one more nipping at my heels. Riding that thin line between open and honest or direct and blunt. But the rest of them were Relators, Expressers and Analyzers. Me no likey when the mirror of self-reflection doesn’t show my “good side”.

Y’all ever had one of those spotlight sermons where you know somebody done called that preacher and told him what to preach about because you been acting like a free born fool lately? And your face gets red and you know everybody in the room knows he’s talking about you. Top of your head feels all hot because that spotlight is glaring down on it? Don’t lie. You’ve been there.

In this big, booming, preacher voice…”Being outspoken is not always a virtue”. Cue the head drop. Looking at the ceiling. The clock. What was the name of that old song I liked? Gimme that hymnal to flip thru. If I look up he’s gonna be looking straight at me. Maybe I should get up and go to the bathroom. No, that’s will confirm that it’s me. Stay cool, Kim. It needs to be said too that this preacher at the time was the varsity baseball coach. My son had just started his school baseball career, having played travel ball for years. In other words, this man had seen me in action at a ball game. Be near, Lord.

  • Today’s class reminded me of that sermon. Which I have carried around in my mind ever since. It may not have cured my bluntness, but it curbed it. Some folks find this hard to believe but if y’all just KNEW what I hold back! Cause even though orange is my favorite color (War Eagle!), it don’t look good on me!
  • Bottom line. It takes all kinds to make the world go round.
  • Be you, do you, but be mindful of others. A little kindness goes a long way.

Whoa Granny O!!

I feel, I hope, I pray you’re going to follow my journey. And a HUGE part of my journey is going to include Granny O. So, today, I’m just going to go ahead and get her introduction out of the way. By the way, did you know that Jackie O was a Granny O also? Not where we got the name, but she likes to throw that tidbit in conversation whenever she can.

You’ve heard of breaking the mold when they made someone. Well, when God made Ola Mae Brandon Wester, somebody took that mold, threw it down, broke it, shattered it and stomped on it for good measure. There ain’t another one in this world like her. For good reason, I think. The world couldn’t handle another one. It’s all I can do maintain some level of control (who am I kidding??) where she is concerned. She is 93 years young, and while her vision is gone, left with about 20% in one eye due to macular degeneration, they ain’t nothing wrong with her mind or her ears. Don’t mutter under your breath around her thinking she ain’t gonna hear it. Now she’s my Granny, and my elder, and I love her and most of all I respect her, but she can make me madder than a mashed cat quick as anyone can. If I say left she says right for no other reason than to say right the opposite of me. And I’m gonna be just like her someday. Heck, I already am.

Now if Granny O has an opinion on something, you’re gonna know it. Facebook? It’s the devils playground. “Do you got so and so on your facebook? Why, I’d be ashamed to tell it if I did”. She doesn’t quite “get” what being facebook friends with someone means. One important point that needs to be made up front is that Granny O is a Republican and I’m a Democrat. Or lets say, in the past I was one of those yellow dog folks who didn’t stray for no reason no way no how from the D ticket. Today, I’m about as disgusted with both parties as someone can get. Another story for another day. But can I just say that me and Granny O have had some lively political conversations? Help me, Lord. Be near. She’s pert near stroked on out if I say the words Hillary or Obama. One of my all time faves, “If anyone is for Hillary they need their head examined. And I don’t mean tomorrow. I mean right now”. There is a rather colorful video I posted on FB where I told her I had entered a contest to try to win dinner with Hillary and I was taking her with me if I won. That went over like a turd in a punch bowl.

But my friends and family sure enjoyed watching them. In fact I used to video her often on our Sunday outings and post them. Her limited vision kept her from realizing when I was recording her, and me being mean for sport like I am (got it from her so I can say that), and knowing how much everyone loved these videos and begged for them, I posted them for the world to see. Can I just say a big thanks to whoever the member of the Pikeville Church of Christ (where there is a whole 9 in attendance on a good day), told her about these videos. I appreciate the heck out of you. That and add in the fact that my son texted me and shamed me for posting them without her knowledge and the tongue lashing I got from her was enough for me to lay off for a while. I tried to explain she was doing the world a disservice to make me stop and that everyone LOVED her. Guess what, y’all? She don’t care.

So for now, I’m stuck writing down the small phrases and jargon she uses,  “Granny O’isms” as I call them. Little bits of wisdom that I wish I had been writing down for years, because it’s been going on all my life, but I’ve just now come to appreciate them. Here are a few of my all time faves:

Self bragging is half scandal.

Truth will stand when the worlds on fire.

It doesn’t cost a thing in the world to be nice.

You may give out, but you never give up.

People in trouble don’t care who they get in trouble.

I dread the dreads.

Think. It might be a new experience.

I’m not that hard to please. That’s why I’m sitting where I’m at.

You learn more listening than you can talking. Shut your mouth.

If they seat you near the kitchen, they don’t think much of  you.

If you mess with SH!# (now she spells it because Granny o DOES NOT CUSS), you get it all over you. (It has to be said that this is the one I have used more times in my life than ANYTHING).

That’s their baby and they’re gonna have to watch it.

Looking like something the cats drug in cause the dogs wouldn’t eat it.

But the one. The one that speaks to me and that I know someday will haunt me is this one. “Only a Mother knows”. I’m actually going to have it inscribed on her tombstone should the day come when she is laid to rest beside my sweet Momma. Her only child. What Granny O means by this is that only a mother knows what she will do, what she will endure, what she will go through for their child. Now that’s the truth if there ever was. Go ahead and write that down in the front of your bible next to your kids names. That’s gospel, y’all. There is NO love like a mothers love. I can argue this one til the cows come home. My sons dad loves him. A lay down in the middle of the road die for him love. But he is NEVER going to feel the way I do about him. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. A mothers love is not of this world. Only a Mother knows. Wow. If she never leaves me anything else, the legacy of those words is enough.

She met Raymond, who was to be her husband at a ball game in the Kyle Community. That’s at the end of the Pike if you don’t know. Y’all all gonna be Pikeville experts by the time I’m done with you. See, he wasn’t from around these parts. He was from Albertville in neighboring Marshall County. Granny O had taught school at Crow Mountain and had met some of his kin there, so she knew of him but didn’t know him. They got married in 1948 and in the early 50’s moved to Chicago where he worked at the Ford plant. If you have old timers from the South in your family, you’ve heard them talk about when “everyone went up north to work”. They had been there a few years, and in June of 1953 she was around 6 months pregnant with my momma.

They lived in a little park rental type community near a lake and the landlord was having issues with seagulls. So he hired my grandfather and two other men to go out onto the lake during the night when no one was around and eradicate them. Shoot ’em. Yes, eradicate sounds nicer. Now, my grandfather was an avid fisherman. He grew up on and near Lake Guntersville. Granny O says he always use to point out a particular piece of land in Guntersville and tell her one day that’s where they were going to build a house. I have that little story on video also. I’m gonna save it for myself right now.

When it got really late and he hadn’t come in, Granny O said she went outside and was walking around the lakes edge looking for them. A man came up to her and asked her if she was ok and she told him who and what she was looking for. “I was in my gown, Kim. Out there walking around”. Whenever I think of this story I have this vivid image in my mind of how she looked on the edge of that lake in her gown. And even though he’s long gone, I wish I knew who that man was. Maybe he has a granddaughter I could connect with. And thank. Don’t ask me why. I’m odd like that.

At daylight, they found the boat in the lake, upside down. Just the boat. No one or nothing near or around it. I think she said it took about 3 days to finally recover the bodies. No idea what or how it happened. All three of these men were strong swimmers. There was no storm, no inkling as to how they all drowned. She said she remembers her family coming to get her and bring her back to Alabama, but not much else. She’s not one who believes in all this “depression” mess, but I’m pretty sure the months after until my mother was born were spent in a deep depression.

And then. On September 16th, 1953, along came my Momma. Rebecca Lynn Wester. Becca to many, Momma to me, to my son she loved with her entire heart, she was Yaya. Granny O never remarried, so it was just her and my Mom. Along with other family to help out, of course. Granny O lived in Tampa while my Momma grew up, with my aunt Irma and her children. They were the closest things to siblings my Momma ever had. Granny O worked at Cattleman’s Auction Barn for years until she retired the year I graduated and moved to Alabama to be with us. To be with Momma. And us. We were all she had.

My Momma, y’all. She was a living, breathing angel on this earth. She did something for me every single day of my life. She loved my son Dylan with a fierceness an Iron Bowl rivalry can’t touch. He was her world. And after the heck me and my sister put her thru in our teen years, she deserved a Dylan Scott Rice. She thought the sun rose and set on the cheeks of his hind end, as they say. He was only 12 when she died. Sometimes I get mad. Is it alright to get mad at God ever now and then? Cause I do.

I’ll save my Momma’s story for another day. She deserves her own page, her own blog, her own gold star in Heaven. I find comfort in knowing she got there. But her part of Granny O’s story is this. My Granny O lost her only child on April 15th, 2005 in the middle of the night to a massive heart attack. She said she can still hear my Uncle Dwayne’s voice that night when he knocked on the door and told her and my aunt Ruby to get ready, that they had to go to the hospital. “Not Rebecca, she said. Anyone but her”.

I still don’t know why this was His plan. It sure has been heck on me since. Trying to fill her role. Taking care of my sister. My Granny. My stepdad for a while when I was convinced he would starve without my momma to cook for him. My niece. Dylan. Yaya’s shoes were some big ones. I can say I’ve give it my flat out level best, but I’m still not sure I’ve come close.

So when I talk to my Granny O about stress at work, troubles at home, the people I minister to in active addiction or recovery, she says this. “Hard times, pffttttttt. Y’all don’t  know hard times. I’ve lived harder times than any of you all can even imagine”. And she’s right, you know. I’m not sure she wishes that maybe she hadn’t stayed in Tampa instead of coming here. I’m sure glad she did, cause I for one would be lost without her. Even when she makes me watch Fox News endlessly. Even when she complains. I’d say she’s earned the right to complain. And to be her one of a kind Granny O self. Later, y’all………

Tell Folks, Y’all

So, for the last few weeks when I’ve been contemplating beginning this blog, I had every intention of my first post being all laughs and giggles and lighthearted. But I’m a big believer that if God puts something on your heart, you take it and you run with it. So my morning devotional (sent to me by the most precious little lady who I would have never known had she not called out of the blue one day because God told her that the Sheriff’s Office I work for needed praying for…another story for another day) put this on my heart.

The devotional she sent was this:

Hebrews 2:9 But we see Jesus, who was made a little,lower than the angels for the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honor; that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man. I believe that when Christians put their feet on the floor in the morning, hell ought to shake. Demons should tremble when they realize we’re awake! We have authority in Jesus! We’re extremely dangerous to the enemy of God! We have the victory in Jesus. Jesus paid so we could walk in ALL power and authority. Today’s promise: read Psalm 91, every day out loud. A little talk: hurting people hurt people!


I don’t know about y’all, but I am a certified hot mess. 99.9% of my day. I’m quick to anger, being outspoken is not always a virtue (and lawd, I am outspoken), and the filter between my brain and my mouth is non-existent for the most part. I will be the first one to say “You heard what about who”? All women gossip. And we should be plum ashamed. But let me tell you this. Despite all my faults, I am in LOVE with Jesus. I hurt when I disappoint him, and I don’t let a night pass by where I say “Jesus, if I have done ANYTHING today that would keep me from entering Heaven, please forgive me”. A little old Pentecostal preacher who visited our office one day taught me that prayer. How I went from selling him a pistol permit to having church I’ll never know, but it happened. And when that man spoke and said “I hope y’all don’t mind, but the Lord is telling me that someone in this room needs to hear what I have to say”, I was like YES, YES, it’s me!!! Because as you will learn,  cause I’m gonna talk about them, is I got way too many folks waiting on me in Heaven to keep me out of it. I mean folks who mean so much each day I say “one day closer, Kimmie”. And I can’t WAIT! He ain’t even gotta give me a mansion over the hilltop. Just a little shack will do. Now, I would appreciate heating and air, but in my mind Heaven is a keel 74 degrees just like I like it. The best dadgum dog who ever graced this earths presence is waiting on me at the gate, y’all. Shoooooo Wheeeeeee, can I go today??? Alright, I’m off on one of my rabbit trails (you’re gonna learn real quick I can stray easily from topics….SQUIRREL?!).


Back to today’s devotional. Folks, it’s not alright for us to just walk around feeling this way. Feeling like, “Oh, I’m going to Heaven and life is good”. You have to TELL FOLKS, Y’ALL. If you know they’re on a wrong path, TELL THEM. No, they won’t always listen. They might even laugh in your face. Who cares????

But what if? What if you were standing outside with this person and the weather is like it is right now, sunny and 274 degrees in the shade. Gotta love summer in the South. What IF you said, “You feel how hot it is? I can barely stand it. I don’t know how folks works outside in this mess”? And when they agree (now keep in mind you know in your heart this person is struggling and needing some Jesus in their life). Don’t walk up to your preacher or choir member and do this. I mean you can, but you’re losing the point of my message here. When this wandering, hurting, lost soul says “Heck yeah, it’s hot”, you say “Can you imagine what torment is going to be like”? Torment???? Eternal damnation and hell fire. Fiery flames and agony and torture. Southern summer days ain’t gonna have nothing on Hell. Just saying. What if that person leaves you and ponders that. And decides you know what, I barely survive the summer days, this is something I might want to think about.

And it doesn’t have to be this dramatic (although eternal torment will get me every time). It can be friend, aren’t you tired? Lay it down. If no one has told you the good news, your debt was PAID IN FULL and you ain’t even gotta do anything except trust Him and ask Him into your heart. Sure, you’re problems aren’t going to disappear. They might even get worse because proven facts are that the Devil don’t mess with you when you’re doing wrong. He comes at you FULL FORCE when you’re trying to do right.


But TELL FOLKS, YALL!!! Spread a little bit of hope wherever you are. whenever you can, for no other reason than He commands it. “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age” (Matthew 28:19-20). He doesn’t say, please, if you don’t mind. He SAYS GO AND MAKE AND DO AND TELL. I promise I’m no Jesus freak. My church habits need some serious fixing. I fail Him everyday. I love Jesus but I even cuss a little. I know, I know. But my heart is right with the one who matters and I have a special calling for picking up the lost, the hurting and those who wander. And I know without a doubt it is what He means for me to do with my life. Find your passion, find your purpose and lift one another up! Later, y’all…….