Pinterest, Kitchenaid and Jason Crabb

A few months ago I blogged about my burlap no sew curtains I installed at our cabin. The ones I had found on Pinterest that just went throw, swag, roll and drape and like Cinderella’s dress they were a farmhouse dream? I likened Pinterest to ole Satan himself. Called it a liar.

Now I’m over here pinning and singing Big Daddy Weave because well, Pinterest is REDEEMED! It’s set me freeeeeee….my husband and some of my friends think I’m a genius and Ma Ingalls herself couldn’t cook this good. And while normally I’m a little pinch of this and a little pinch of that kinda cooking gal, baking is an art all of its own. Me. The girl who hated to bake, but love to cook. I am hooked.

Santa brought me a new kitchenaid mixer, with a bigger bowl capacity and a lift stand and with each whirl of the dough hook and paddle my confidence has grown. Soared. My kitchen has looked like a train wreck and I’m pretty sure there is flour embedded in every crack and crevice within 30 feet. My aunt Ruby’s vintage Bundt Pan has a tiny pin hole in the bottom I wasn’t aware of, and I pert near set the house on fire today when the melted butter from my buttery pull apart bread spilled into the bottom of the oven. But that bread? Stop it. That recipe is a keeper. Pinterest is an Angel. Sent from Heaven above.

I have mixed, rolled, patted, chilled, sprinkled, dusted to my hearts content. All while jamming to Jason Crabb. Pretty sure if he heard me harmonizing with him he would ask me to come on the road with him. During one rousing rendition of Through the Fire my dogs ran and hid under the bed. It was something about that rolling pin and the Holy Ghost being in the same room and well, I just couldn’t help myself. “JUST REMEMBER WHEN YOU’RE STANDING IN THE VALLEY OF DECISION” indeed. Whooooo, sister. Them was some good cookies. God, Pinterest and Jason Crabb. Yes, please.

Are you like I used to be? If there was more than 5 ingredients you just rolled on past that recipe? STOP IT! Like the guy who yelled out in The Waterboy, “You can do it”!!!! Make that shopping list and send that Walmart grocery pickup order in. Now granted, it took them 3 times to find my dried buttermilk I keep on hand, but hallelujah and pass the biscuits I have a fresh supply. I’m always tired but never too tired to make some cornbread. Get you some of that buttermilk too.

The moral of this blog post? Go out on a limb and make something you think exceeds your food network watching limits. Embrace that inner Ree. She’s in there. Walmart will even add her mixing bowls and baking sheets to your pickup order to cook with. Be really good this year (you have 11 more months) and ask Santa for a stand mixer.

I’ll be right here, cheering you on. I got faith in you. Southern root, gospel music listening, alto singing faith.

Later y’all.