Back up thirsty gals!

So, I like to put in my earbuds while I’m at work, listen to different things and drown out the noise around me. Sometimes it’s music, sometimes it’s podcasts and sermons, and (I can’t believe I’m admitting this) my all time favorite. Episodes of Paternity Court. I know. I judge myself for it so y’all don’t even have to. That climactic moment of “you are/are not the father gets me every time.

But today, today I needed a boost. And the person who can do that best is Real Talk Kim, aka Kim Pothier. She’s a women pastor (GASP!!) who I love to hear. She’s like the hood version of Joyce Meyer. Street slang talking, Mohawk wearing keeping it real Kim. She fires me up even when I don’t know I need it.

Today, she told about getting into an argument with her husband over not taking the garbage to the road. It turned into one of those fights that lasts a few days but one night in bed she said it hit her. Why was she mad? She had a wonderful man. So the next morning she got up and proceeded to tell him he was the sexiest trash taker outer she’d ever seen. And she’s continued to tell him that every week and he’s never forgotten the trash again. I’m thinking, well my husband knows I appreciate him so I’m good.

But then. Then she hit home. She started talking about these ladies she calls “Petty Crockers”. 😬 Was I one??? Uh oh. Petty Crockers complain and nag about the little things. Know what happens to Petty Crockers? One day, their husband is at the water fountain at work and one of these “thirsty women” slide in with a compliment. You see, these thirsty women would love to pick up your mans dirty socks you’re complaining about. I promptly called my husband and told him he was the sexiest laundry helper and folder ever! True story. He acted like he was afraid I needed a mental evaluation. But I explained about them thirsty women!! No way no how. Ain’t getting my man. Sisters better back up.

Yes we laughed. But her words today reached me deep down. Made me look in the mirror and think about what kind of wife I am. And need to be. Now y’all know I’m a Betty Crocker and cook for him all the time. But am I a Petty one too? First order of business was to come home and make a cake. True story again.

Then I sit down and I’m scrolling thru fb and I see where a friend of mines family had a loss today. The grandfather of the family, the patriarch had passed away. Leaving behind his wife of 61 years. I sat and looked at their pics and thought that’s what I want! Now I love my husband. Beyond reason. But I can’t even fathom that kind of love. And while I know at our age I’m not gonna get 61 years with mine, I’m going to make every single second count.

Yes, I know I will still nag. We will still argue. But all of these words today changed me. The verse she left us with absolutely humbled me.

So tonight I’m vowing to tell him he’s sexy whether it’s trash taking out or cleaning up dog poo. I’m vowing to be more thankful for this wonderful man of mine so these thirsty women don’t weasel their way in. Because I already know that isn’t gonna work out for anyone. And will result in my best friend somehow sneaking in diet mt Dew into the jail where I’m serving a life sentence.

Thirsty women, beware. Other ladies, heed the warning. Tell that man he’s precious. Every day.

Later, yall.